Monday, 24 April 2017

Congratulations to myself! Mazel tov biani wa mabrukni - old draft post

I have written out the Hebrew alphabet for the first time from end to end from memory. It took having a bath with the text book a pen and a sheet of paper to crack the final elusive 6. They were towards the end, but not the final 4.

So, a week well spent. I walk down the street gazing into the middle distance writing them out with my right hand, imperceptibly, as I go along.

A few days ago I woke in the dead of night and instantly started to speak my 4 phrases to myself in my mind:

eriv tov
leila tov

Then of course I began to create very short Arabic phrases describing what I was doing. What is the name for this switching from asleep to active thinking? Seriously, I woke and went straight into the words! I didn't move a muscle. All going on in my head.

Mon 18th Oct 2015, for when I revert to English, or cheat by writing more in English in the comment boxes.

בשמש - إنها مشمسة - الطقس مشمس

عندما نحن معا في حديقتنا أسألك عن حياتك.

The sun is shining on us both while we chat. At the same time I rock the other wooden chair with my bare feet in an idle way and play with my sunglasses. Your two boys gradually play more freely, running, wrestling a bit, then they jump on the trampoline.

Il y a des fleurs jaunes dans l'herbe mal coiffé. Je les mets dans les trous d'une raquette en plastique et puis, tout d'un coup, je frappes la raquette pour faire jetter ces fleurs dans l'air.

Wir sind im Garten ohne Spielzeug vom zu Hause, also wir Spaß machen mit dem Kieselsteine.


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